When going on holiday, worrying about who will look after your beloved pets can put quite a damper on proceedings. Pets are an extension of your family and a holiday can never really be fun unless you know that they are being well taken care of. Myflair sets out to take care of your pets with the same kind of care that you would give.

Professional Pet Boarding Services

Our pets find any time away from us stressful. Animals have no concept of time and do not understand that you need to be away from them. Professional boarding services make your holiday a lot less stressful for your pets. Myflair realise that your domestic animals are as important to you as family so they treat your pets like family. The pets are not just given food and water but also loving individual attention.

Grooming is Great

In times of stress, pets enjoy being groomed. Grooming  is very soothing for pets. Not only will their coats be kept in great condition, it also makes sure that they get that personal attention that is so important to them. You can also be certain that your dog will come back with a perfectly clean coat after his dog wash.

Company for Pets

In addition to the grooming, your pets will get the opportunity to interact with other animals. This kind of social interaction is something that is imperative so that your pet feels less lonely. Being at a boarding facility means that your pet will also have access to other humans during the day and this will also help to ease the blow of you not being there. If your pet is not sociable, you need to tell the boarding facility upfront as some facility do not cater for unsocial pets as it causes too much stress on the other pets in boarding at that time.

What to Look for

When you are looking into a pet boarding facility, you may feel a more confident if you visit the premises first. Any professional boarding establishment will understand this and will assure you your pet will be happy to stay whit them. BUT. Not all Boarding facilities are able to allow tours of there facilities this is due to the pets being disturbed by this as this can also cause some of the dogs bark which is disturbing to others and as per the QLD EPA rules all pets at boarding facility’s are to be kept as quite as possible. Visit your chosen facility and speak to the staff and discuss your pets needs, most will have a range of Photos for your viewing which will show the kennels etc. Discuss what exercise area there is for the pets and if it is possible to bring  toys or other items for them to play with taking into mind not all toys return home with your pet.

You, in turn, need to make sure that your pet/pets are in good health when leaving them at a boarding facility. They also need to be fully Vaccinated , Wormed and treated for Fleas and Ticks before they are left at a Boarding facility.If they have any special dietary requirements or any other quirks, you need to make sure that the establishment knows about it. Make sure that you leave contact numbers for the boarding house in case of any emergencies. The next time you require a temporary home for your pets, contact Myflair.