If you are a pet owner who enjoys travelling, holiday time could mean some angst for you. This is especially true of cat owners. With dogs, you will often get away with taking them along with you – as long as you select a pet-friendly destination.

Cats are quite a different matter though. Most cats dislike being away from home and you run the risk of them running away if you take them on holiday with you. Leaving at them at home is also not the most humane option.

There are Advantages to Pet Boarding

Boarding your cat at a proper cattery enables you to take advantage of the best of both worlds. Your cat is in a new place but cannot get out and is well taken care of until you come home. Stress is minimised for the cat and the owner.

Proper Attention

At a cattery, the carers are properly trained to look after cats. They understand how to make your cat’s ‘holiday’ as stress-free as possible. There is always someone there trained to handle any emergency.

Medical Care

If you have a pet cat that needs to take medicine daily, leaving it at a cattery is most likely your best option. You at least know that you can rely on the carers to give your cat the medicine in the correct manner and at the correct dosage.

In addition, if something does happen to your cat, say it gets sick or injured, the staff will be able to act effectively and immediately.

A Proper Routine

What few people realise is that pets tend to settle into a routine at home – at a cattery, routine is important in order to manage effectively so the cats can quickly settle down.

The carers will also ensure that your kitty gets enough cuddles, exercise and well-balanced food every day.

Peace of Mind

The most important benefit is the peace of mind you get from knowing that your cat is well taken care of and that it will not run away while you are away.

Choose the Right Cattery

Of course, in order to enjoy these benefits, you will need to be careful about choosing a professional place.

Ask friends and families for recommendations and visit the cattery you are considering using before leaving your cat there. Take note of the kind of questions that they ask – a professional cattery will want to know about medical conditions, special needs, that vaccinations are up to date, et cetera. If the place you visit doesn’t seem interested, don’t take your cat there.