With the school curriculum these days crammed to bursting point with all kinds of learning experiences, activities, NAPLAN testing, excursions and exams, parents think twice before taking their children out of school to go on a holiday. Most families restrict any vacation time to the school holidays, so their children don’t have to take school work with them, or miss valuable teaching time, as it’s too hard to catch up when they get back. When plans are made to go on holidays at this time, the needs of the family pets must be included and decisions made as to how they will be looked after in the family’s absence.

With most holiday accommodation restricting or banning the presence of a pet, the most responsible option is to find the much loved cat or dog their own specialized accommodation where they are looked after in a safe and secure environment. Most pet owners opt for reputable dog boarding facilities so they can enjoy the well-earned break with the family, knowing that their dog is well cared for.

Plan In Advance

It is wise, however, to plan well in advance, as many other families will be making the same decisions, and dog boarding for school holidays can get quite competitive. In the same way that advance bookings must be made to get choice holiday accommodation, so should the plan include an advance booking for dog boarding.

Imagine the frustration and worry that would result in starting to arrange dog boarding for school holidays a few days before the due departure date, only to find that all the recommended facilities are booked out. The last thing anyone would want is to be rushing around at the last minute trying to find suitable accommodation for the family pet.

Make Sure Your Pet’s Vaccination Is Up to date

This would be especially stressful if the pet’s vaccinations weren’t up to date, and time had to be found for a trip to the vet in the middle of all these preparations. No reputable, well managed dog kennels will take an animal that doesn’t have up-to-date certificates from a vet. To do so would endanger every pet in the facility.

Safety And Security

While leaving the pet with friends or family members is certainly an option, there are no guarantees of safety and security, and many a family has come home from a wonderful holiday to find their beloved pet has escaped an unfamiliar yard and become another sad road statistic. Dog kennels guarantee the safety and security of their charges, as the facilities are enclosed with secure fencing, and the pets housed in their own individual pens.

Leaving the family pet behind to go on holidays can be a heart-wrenching experience, especially for young children, but knowing that they are warm, dry, well-fed and safe lessens the blow. Being able to pick them up after enjoying a carefree holiday and getting the wonderful, unconditional welcome is something to look forward to.