Do you remember the song that starts with “How much is that doggy in the window” and goes on to hope that it is for sale? Pet shops always seem to have a window displaying little puppies or kittens to tug at the hearts of passers by that stop to look at them. Children tug at parent’s sleeves asking to be able to take one of them home, many times succeeding in their request. There is no doubt that homeless pups need good homes and many people often take more than one home because they are soft hearted.

Choosing a Dog for Children

This is not so much a problem if there are no small children in the home that can be a bit rough on the chosen pup, BUT when you are going to buy a pet for your children the wisest choice is buying one from registered dog breeders. Puppies with an unknown temperament are always a bit of a risk with young children. Choosing a dog with a gentle nature bred into it will lessen any risk of disharmony between pup and kids. Of course all children should be taught to be kind to animals and to handle pets gently, learning how to lift and hold them correctly for the animal’s welfare.

Dogs as Part of the Family

Dog breeders often have a cattery as well where you can select cats and kittens with the same good points as the dogs. Dogs are great company and love to be with people, enjoying daily walks and games or just curling up beside us resting their heads in our lap to be patted. They will bark to let us know when our friends drop by, but their tails will be wagging madly as well showing they are pleased to see our visitors. However it is a different story if a stranger comes to the door . Then they can growl deeply as though to say “I will bite if my family is threatened” thus letting the stranger know who is in charge.

They will put themselves between their family and danger sometimes being bitten by a snake themselves in the process, and will growl fiercely and chase off unwelcome intruders until they are called off. This is their way of showing love for their owners and the family. Loving and self sacrificing in order to protect us, dogs really are our best friends in the animal world and deserved our wholehearted love and affection, and the very best of care we can give them.