Pets are one of life’s joy’s and are treasured companions for humanity. We love them and give them the best of care and it is returned one hundred percent through their unconditional love, shows of affection and loyalty. Many lives have been saved by pets sounding the alarm in house fires before compulsory smoke alarms were installed. Dogs have gone for help miles away when their master has had an accident or been bitten by a snake on their farms or cattle stations resulting in another life saved. In return for our care, they will ferociously guard us, fending off any attackers.

Pet Training

Dog breeders give their pets the best of care, and start training early. Basic training starts while the pups are young, and are short sessions to begin with. When they have responded well to an action are being taught, they are rewarded with a treat. This encourages them to follow commands like, sit, flop, stay, and wait for the command to eat before feeding. The latter is an important command which teaches them not to accept food without a specific word thus preventing malicious baiting.

Cats are also affectionate and love to curl up on laps purring contentedly, or rub themselves round our ankles with gentle mewing. They should be kept indoors for their own protection and for the welfare of our native wildlife. Cats are natural hunters so it is their instinctive reaction to pounce on anything that moves. Much of our wildlife has been lost because of this and this makes training of cats imperative in case they slip out of the home. Buying from a cattery will ensure pure bloodlines and cats with a good temperament. Like dogs, any genetic defects are bred out of them.

How to Start

Start with short sessions as cats have short attention spans, firstly getting them used to using the litter tray. Spray bottles filled with water come in handy for training cats as it is not harmful to them but they certainly do not like to be sprayed. Lounge suites and carpets are very expensive items and they don’t respond well to cats using them to sharpen claws. Buy them a scratching post and teach them to use it, rewarding them when they do, and using the spray bottle to deter them wrecking carpets. This is also the way to teach them not to jump up on tables and kitchen benches. Training cats should be a family project.