There is nothing like planning a holiday to generate an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation among family members. Whether the travel will be within Australia or overseas, there are a million details to finalize and for pet owners, that will include arranging the care of the family dog while they are away. Sometimes for overnight or very short stays, it is sufficient to have someone drop around and attend to the dog, but a beloved pet needs a little more than that for an extended stay. Dogs are extremely social animals, and to leave them at home alone for more than a couple of days is not in their best interests.

While it is true that they are in their own familiar environment in these circumstances, the sudden loss of contact with their regular human family can be very traumatic. Even though they are being fed and watered, they are still alone, and when left overnight, may cry and howl in protest. The neighbours may be none too happy about this interruption to their usual routine, so all round, this is not the ideal situation.

Checking Dog Hotels

For everyone to have a wonderful holiday without worrying about what’s going on at home, the best solution is to check out the dog hotels in your area, and hand your best friend over to the care of pet boarding experts. Well-run boarding kennels have specialist staff trained to manage dogs of different breeding and temperaments, and who genuinely like working with animals. They are trained in feeding, grooming and exercise techniques, and also to look out for any change in behaviour that could indicate a health or emotional issue.

First-time User? Check Reviews

For a first-time user of these services who is nervous about handing over their beloved to a stranger, boarding kennels usually have a folio of testimonials from satisfied clients. They will be happy to let prospective clients read through them, and even contact some people for a first-hand recommendation. Look for a facility that allows the pet to have some toys and bedding from home, to help them adjust to their new environment. This may assist a dog who is likely to fret. Some dog boarding kennels cater for fussy eaters and will allow the client to supply special food.

Vaccination Certificate

Always board your dog with a kennel that insists on seeing an up-to-date vaccination certificate. This provides the best protection from disease possible, as many common pet illnesses are airborne, and can be easily transmitted from one to another in the close confines of a boarding kennel. Although the best kennels have individual pens for each animal, and clean them every day, airborne diseases are impossible to control other than by vaccination.

Leaving your dog for the first time can be an emotional wrench, but knowing that they are well cared for in a warm and friendly environment will allow the family to enjoy their holidays. Your pet will enjoy the company of other dogs, the attention of the handlers and the daily exercise, and a good time will be had by all.