Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions. If you would like to know more or have a question that isn’t answered here, please send us an e-mail myflairpoodles@st.net.au

Frequently Asked Question

cropped-birdie-2-275x300Sickness or Passing Away

In the event your pet gets sick, we will make arrangements for a trip to your vet. These expenses will be your responsibility and if we are not able to reach your usual vet, we will request advice from another vet. If your pet was to pass away during their stay we will naturally contact you to discuss what plans you would like to undertake. If you are available for contact we will hold onto your pet in appropriate, dignified storage until your return. We recommend if you have an old pet that you discuss your wishes with us before departure.

One option you may like to consider if the need arises is a pet funeral home. Pets In Peace are a pet crematorium geared toward assisting pet owners in organising funerals and memorial services at such a difficult time. They offer viewings, cremation services and a range of packages. You can have your pet transported safely from the site of death to mortuary and select urns and scatter boxes to have your pets ashes kept in. This is a tasteful and dignified way to say goodbye to your furry loved one and the opportunity to have some keepsakes of your time together.

Cat-Boarding-Page-12-300x202Stressed Pets

We love animals at Myflair and our team is extremely skilled. Our business is taking care of your pet and we strive to assist in their well-being whilst staying with us. In the instance that a pet is stressed we will take appropriate steps to make it feel more at ease and happier. If this means carrying your pet around with us or keeping it in reception for the duration of office hours, then rest assured this will be done. Your pets needs will be met at all times and will not be left to suffer in any way.


Of course the first thing that happens every morning is your pet is fed. Meals are held in their pens and are supervised; it is at this time we show on your pets report if the meal was not eaten. Following this the pen your pet is staying in will be cleaned, while this is happening they are released to their exercise yard to stretch their legs. Any medications required are also administered in the mornings, special PM medications are given in the afternoon. From midday until the afternoon, training and bathing of dogs happens as does organising walks and playtime

Dog-Boarding-13-287x300Not Eating

Sometimes your pet may ‘go off’ their food whilst staying at the pet motel. Generally, it’s usually only in the first 24 hours and only about 1 or 2 pets a day will experience this. If by the third day they are still not interested in eating then we try to entice them, or the fussy eaters, with food like fresh chicken mince or something yummy that is hard to resist! On the fourth day if they are still not eating, we normally call the owner of the vet.

“Rest assured if your pet is not eating, this will not be ignored.”


34882139.thm_1It is quite common for pets to lose weight whilst staying in boarding kennels. The first reason is quite simply because, even when the pet motel is a fantastic place for your pet to be, they would still rather be with you and therefore the stay can still be stressful.  In the second instance, they can lose weight due to all the moving around and calorie burning. At home while you are out your pet probably lounges around sleeping. However at the pet motel there is a lot of activity happening and not a great amount of resting and sleeping.


SDC12119-copy-300x225If you feel your pet will be more comfortable and at home with some of their own bedding or toys then you are more than welcome to bring them. Except the Christmas period, in this time, we don’t take personal items. Please bear in mind that all personal items left are your own responsibility and in some cases items can be damaged or lost.  We are unable to take responsibility for this and so you might like to bring in older items that your pet will not miss should the worst happen.


blue-budgie-196x300At Rydges we recommend and use only the best food for our guests. Advance Premium Dry pet food is a super premium cat and dog food that is Australian made using quality ingredients.

Our smaller guests will enjoy a diet of Advance Turkey & Rice Dry accompanied with a portion of chicken necks or mince while our larger guests dine on Advance Adult Chicken with chicken wings.

Our fine feline friends will be spoilt with either Advance Sensitive Dry or roo mince and chicken mince.

If your pet is following a special diet you wish to supply then please do so. For frozen meals, please supply in sealed in zip lock bags, clearly labeled with your pets name.

Breeding-page-next-to-dog-breeding1The canine cough, kennel cough or tracheobronchitis is an extremely contagious upper respiratory disease. This disease is spread by a virus that is airborne. The main indication of this disease is a gagging cough that can be joined by nasal discharge and sneezing. Incubation for the canine cough is approximately 3-7 days and can stay around in between a few days to several weeks.

The dog’s resistance to other illnesses and infections in this time can be weakened however it is not usual for it to develop into anything serious. Having said that, it’s recommended the dog be kept an eye on closely to be sure of no further complications.

Like the flu, the canine cough has a tendency to be epidemic and is seasonal. Whilst the outbreak is in effect, vets can see cases from all kennels in the area as well as from dog owners who don’t have their dogs stay in kennels. The virus can move great distances through the air and can be found anywhere in any dog, even those that don’t leave their yards. It is more common of course to find tracheobronchitis where there are a lot more dogs found together like kennels, pet hospitals, dog shows and can be easily passed at dog parks.

To stave off secondary infection antibiotics can be prescribed and in some cases, cough suppressants are used. But the canine flu cannot be cured and can only run its course. Regrettably it is impossible to prevent dogs from catching an airborne virus whilst staying in kennels. This is why dogs that are sick are refused entry to kennels and immunisation against the virus is strongly recommended. The vaccination is included in part of the dog’s yearly check up and also available is an intra nasal vaccine to cover the Bordetella bronchloseptica strain not covered in the usual vaccine. It’s advisable that this particular intra nasal vaccine is considered for dogs who board.

7799587.thm_2It’s ideal if all annual vaccinations are up to date however the F3 or F4 vaccination is required for cats when boarding. There is no waiting period if your cat requires a booster prior to arrival; however with kittens all vaccinations need to be completed in full a minimum of 2 weeks beforehand.


black-puppy-200x300It’s ideal if all annual vaccinations are up to date however the minimum vaccination requirement for your dog to board at Rydges Pet Resort is a C5. This record must be presented when you bring your dog in.

The C3 vaccination will not be sufficient as it only guards against Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitis; likewise, the C4 defends against 1 form of flu, the canine par influenza. A bacterial strain called Bordetella is also covered in the C5, making this the most desirable vaccine. The C5 vaccination must be administered at least 10 days before checking in to the motel.