When you take on the commitment of a pet it is not unlike committing to caring for a child. They are totally reliant on you for everything, food, water, exercise, love and personal care. For those who don’t own pets or are new to being a pet owner, you may be forgiven for thinking that grooming is just all about looking good. The truth is, there are many health benefits to gain from grooming your pet. The most commonly known side effect, for lack of a better term, from grooming is healthier skin and a shinier coat.

Although bathing your pets is not essential every day, regular grooming helps keep them clean between washes. Getting your pet professionally groomed at pet resorts will also help identify any abnormalities before they become a bigger issue. These can be anything from sores caused by fighting or other issues, as well as growths and bald spots. Lumps can also be easily detected when regular grooming is carried out. When it comes to skin and hair conditions in pets, detecting issues early can mean the difference between heartbroken families losing their furry friends or a simple medication or treatment from the vet.

When you send your pet to a professional groomer particular attention is paid to noses, mouths, ears, eyes and all other vital areas. They will spot any other issue, which allows you to be proactive sooner rather than later. Regular grooming is also important if your pet has long hair that hangs in or near the eye. These hairs can harbour bacteria and germs that can cause your pet to be sick. The eye area though is a tricky area to trim and clean. This is because pets, like children, have a hard time sitting still. A professional groomer has the expertise and experience to skilfully trim away any hair that can cause problems, without causing injury.

Grooming – what you will gain It’s not all about your pet as their health also affects the humans that love them. A happy, healthy well groomed pet will be happier and full of energy and life. Being greeted in the mornings or the evenings by a happy pet is good for our health too. Studies have shown that pets can reduce stress levels, but surely this is only if the pets are happy themselves. The last benefit to mention here, though certainly not the least, is hygiene. No one likes a smelly pet, not human family members and certainly not visitors. If your pets are well groomed and clean, they will smell fresher and not deter you or your family and friends. That in itself is enough to encourage you. Arrange regular grooming for your pet today and you can both enjoy the benefits together.