Grooming your pets may seem like an uphill battle at times but it is very important to do for them as well as for you. Some dogs love being brushed, washed, etc. but some disappear as soon as the brush comes out. Eventually, however, any dog will learn to relax whilst being groomed if it becomes a regular part of their lives.


Brushing is important because it helps to get rid of dead hair and skin that may otherwise become itchy for your pet. Hairballs in cats can be minimised by grooming. Whilst brushing, you will also be able to check for ticks and fleas and possible injuries. Brushing also stimulates the blood flow and helps keep the coat healthy. The elimination of dead hair and skin helps your pet to smell better.

You will also be the first to identify funny lumps and bumps on or under the skin. Tumours can be treated effectively if caught early enough and pet groomers agree that it is only through regular grooming that you get to know your pet’s body well enough to be able to identify problems. You will also be able to find wounds that may not be apparent to the eye and be able to remove things like thorns, etc. that may be hurting your pet.

Grooming also includes taking care of your pet’s teeth. Check to see whether gums are healthy and whether or not there are broken teeth, etc. If you start early enough, you should be able to brush your pet’s teeth. For untrained pets, make sure to get proper chew toys, etc. that help to clean their teeth. Another area to check carefully is your pet’s ears – they are unable to clean these themselves. Animals with floppy ears are especially at risk for ear infections.

Grooming Means Bonding

Grooming experts agree that the most important function of grooming is to allow the pet and owner to bond. The pet will get personal attention and will learn to relax. The owner will generally find the action of brushing their pet’s coat quite soothing. Properly groomed pets are not only cleaner but healthier and happier as well. The trust that is built up by these sessions is advantageous when it comes to unpleasant visits to the vet, etc. Overall, pets that are properly groomed feel and look more loved. A well-groomed pet is never going to be mistaken for a stray. Looking after your pets means caring for them in a similar way as you would your children.