When it comes to keeping your dog in tip top condition, grooming is very important. You personally will do most of the grooming yourself but you should leave some of the more complicated grooming aspects to a professional.

Let the Professionals Handle Hair and Nails

You should always leave the clipping of nails and cutting of hair to the professionals. Dogs generally don’t like either operation and so will wriggle to get away – you could seriously injure them if you can’t keep them under control.

On the whole, the process can end up being very stressful for both you and your pet.

At Myflair, all the groomers are professionals and they will be able to get your pets through the whole grooming process with minimum fuss and with minimal distress to the animal.

They will give your doggie a full makeover – from bathing to clipping their nails. At Myflair, your pets will be pampered and will really learn to look forward to their grooming sessions at their home away from home pet hotel.

Regular Grooming

All dogs need some sort of regular grooming but some need more than others. Should your dog have long hair, it will need regular brushing. Brushing your dog’s coat is about a lot more than just making it look good.

Brushing helps you to bond with your dog and it feels good for them – as long as there is not a lot of snarls. It also helps to control pests – especially when the dog has a long coat.

Brushing is good for all dogs because it increases circulation to the skin – helping to improve the look of the coat and to help with various skin conditions.

You will also get to know your dog’s skin and body better and so you will be able to quickly pick up any problems like wounds or growths.

Skin Care for Dogs

You need to be careful about washing your dog – using the wrong shampoo can cause dry and irritated skin, making your dog itchy and uncomfortable.

A professional groomer will be able to advise you on what shampoos to use to deal with your dog’s particular condition.

Teeth and Ears too

Not many people are keen on cleaning their dog’s teeth and ears but it is important to do so. Insects can crawl into your dog’s ear and cause lots of problems. Teeth need to be brushed regularly and properly to avoid gum problems and cavities.

A professional grooming service will handle all these aspects for you and will be able to do so without causing your dog too much stress. Dogs will actually learn, after a while, to enjoy their grooming sessions.