Holidays are generally stressful times for the whole family but they can be especially stressful for your pets. They not only have to deal with the stress of the preparation for going on holiday, they also have to deal with the stress of you being away.

This is especially trying for pets because they do not have the same sense of time as humans do. They don’t really understand the concept that you will only be gone for a few days so they will pine for you while you’re away.

Getting a House Sitter

This often seems like the most responsible thing to do – your pets get to stay in their own home and have lots of company. It is not always ideal because a house sitter will generally not spend the whole day at home.

When house sitters are at home, they are likely to be good company for your pets, but when they are away, your pets will have to fend for themselves.

Dog Boarding

Most of us shudder at the idea of putting out pets into even the best dog kennels because it seems to be an impersonal thing to do. It is, however, the most humane option for your pets.

The kennels are run by trained professionals who can see to your pets’ every need. They are likely to get more pampered than they would have been at home.

The experience is a new one for them with lots of new sights and smells to keep them entertained. Your pets are not going to get bored at the kennel.

A Social Experience

The trained staff at Myflair are at hand to play with your pets and let them get enough exercise. They will be fed according to your instructions and socialised as they would have been at home.

Play dates can be arranged for more sociable animals, therefore allowing them to make new friends and taking their minds off the fact that you are absent. Animals that are less sociable will be given lots of human attention for the same reason.

Good Grooming

You can liken sending your pets to Myflair to sending yourself to a spa. They will be pampered and preened and will generally come back with a lot more energy.

What you Must do

You will find that most kennels have similar rules – you will, at the very least, be required to prove that the animal’s shots are up to date. You will need to note any special dietary requirements and any special character traits that may be relevant.

Some kennels will allow you to bring along items, such as your pets’ favourite toys, but it is best to check on this before dropping them off.

The most important rule is to stay relaxed and not project any anxiety when dropping your pets off. If you can help them be relaxed about this, they will find the experience a lot less trying.