Pet motels are the best choice for pet owners who need to be away from home for a number of days. This can be for a vacation or a business trip where it will be very difficult to arrange for accommodation for the pets. Luckily for pet owners, there are hygienic pet motels that can be booked for their dogs, cats or birds. They will not only have a place to stay while their owners are away, but they will also get to enjoy different activities, play with other dogs and cats and be groomed and pampered.

Because pet motels will be the home of beloved pets, these facilities need to follow certain guidelines particularly in terms of hygiene. This is a critical issue since there will be other animals that will share the facility. Proper hygiene is expected in different areas of the facility, including the pet quarters and the play area. Myflair understands the need for proper hygiene in their pet boarding facility. Not only are pets cleaned and groomed, the facility itself is always kept clean to ensure the good health of guest pets.

Cleaning and Disinfection

An important part of hygiene in pet boarding facilities is proper cleaning and disinfection. At Myflair, all areas of the facility are kept clean prior to and after accommodating a pet. These areas include the animal enclosures, beddings, feeding utensils, equipment, playground and common areas for the pets.

Before a new pet is accommodated, the beddings are properly cleaned and disinfected. It is also important that the cleaning products used are not harmful to pets that will be using the facility. Eating utensils are particularly sensitive. They are completely cleaned to prevent poisoning.

A big part of cleanliness involves waste disposal, particularly of droppings, urine and food wastes, which can harbour harmful germs if they are not disposed right away. They could attract pests into the facility and these pests can attack the pets staying in the boarding kennel.

Disease Prevention

Hygiene is important for disease prevention in the facility. Before dogs, cats or birds are taken in the facility, there are requirements that must first be met. It is possible for pets to get sick in a facility, so the boarding kennel makes sure that guest pets have the necessary immunisation and vaccination before they are accommodated and the place is thoroughly disinfected to keep harmful germs away. The kennel’s caretakers are also properly trained to abide by strict hygiene standards as part of disease prevention in the facility.