It goes without saying that no human would relish the idea of going on a holiday if they are sick, and the same goes for cats and dogs. If your animal is not feeling well enough to be able bodied, have the strength to get around and go to the toilet on its own, then it is probably too sick to go on a holiday at a pet resort. As far as its general health goes, there are a few guidelines that must be adhered to for your dog or cat to be accepted as a resident of a pet hotel such as Myflair.


Animals that are going to be staying at Myflair need to be fully vaccinated with C5 vaccinations for dogs and feline vaccinations for cats. These must to be done at least ten days prior to the animal entering care at the hotel, and certifications must be provided before the animal will be admitted to the facility.

Worming, Flea and Tick Treatment

Owners must ensure that all animals have been fully wormed before coming to board at the pet hotel, and according to the law, any animal requiring worming will be wormed at the owner’s expense. The animals must also be fully treated with a flea and tick treatment, and have a good quality flea collar. The flea collars that you can buy from supermarkets are not adequate, so ensure that you purchase a quality one from a vet or pet store.

Socialised and Desexed

In the same way that for most humans a holiday is a time for socialising with our peers, the same can be said for cats and dogs. Dogs especially need to be socialised and desexed, to ensure that they do not disrupt the other animals, and that they have the best experience possible. Imagine having a non-desexed female come on heat with 20 other dogs in the place – what a ruckus that would cause!

General Health and Medications

If tablet medications are required for your animal while it is staying at Myflair they can be included as a part of its care for a small additional fee, but needle medications are not. As a basic rule of thumb if your animal is generally of good health, then it’s a great time for it to come along and enjoy a fun holiday making new friends and having new experiences.