For people who have never boarded their cats at a cattery, just the thought of the separation, as well as how their beloved pet may be affected, can be enough for them to postpone a planned holiday. This is a natural enough reaction, but once their cats have been returned to them, healthy and happy at the end of the holiday, boarding them becomes the normal thing to do when they need a home away from home.

Frequent Stays See Cats Settle Down Quickly

Myflair has been boarding cats happily for a number of years and many clients leave their furry friends there regularly while travelling for business or during weekend getaways. Once a cat has stayed there a couple of times, it becomes accustomed to the sounds and smells and it settles down quickly. For the first-timers, here are some suggestions to make the transition easier and less stressful.

Firstly, call in and ask for a tour of the facility. This allows people the chance to look over the accommodation and see for themselves that it is clean, bright, airy and safe. Each cat has its own pen with comfortable bedding, a litter tray and climbing posts or ladders for exercise.

Bring a Favourite Toy and Special Foods

Cats often have a favourite toy, blanket or other item that gives them pleasure and makes them feel secure. Check that the boarding facility will allow such personal items to be brought along, as they can go a long way to reassuring a nervous cat in a first-time boarding situation. Ask about the type of food that will be served, and if special diets are accommodated.

As a caring cattery, the staff members at Myflair are happy to serve any special foods that cat owners bring in. They will also follow any instructions regarding medications and make sure that they are given at the prescribed times. Check the vaccination requirements of each facility and have the relevant certificates ready when making the booking.

Keep Cats Confined on the Departure Day

As all cat owners know, their pets are very intuitive and intelligent, and generally notice that unusual activity is taking place around the home as packing commences. This can make them uneasy, and they may hide somewhere. On the day of departure, confine the cat to one area so that when the time comes to place it into the cat carrier, a frantic and time consuming search is not necessary.

Don’t leave booking a place until the last minute, especially during peak times like Christmas, Easter and school holidays. Many pet owners are keeping their cats safe in catteries while they are away, so always book early.