Going on holiday can involve a lot of stress considering all the preparations you have to make. It is just as stressful on your pets as they do not understand that you are going to come back – animals do not have the same sense of timing that we do – for them, an hour can seem like a lifetime. If you are going away, it is a good idea to put your animals into a kennel in order to minimise the stress to them.

Boarding your animals is a kinder option unless you have someone staying at your home whilst you are away. You may feel that cats are too independent to worry about but this is simply not true. Cat Kennels are a good way to reduce anxiety in your kitty while they are away from you. You can be assured that the kennel will look after your kitty cat in much the same way you would.

It is not an exaggeration to say that your dog lives for you and your family – boarding your dog is the perfect way to support your pooch while you are away. Dogs are very social creatures and need to daily interaction with humans in order to be completely happy. They will, of course, still miss you when you are gone but you will find that the kennel staff will provide useful distractions to them.

It is, naturally, imperative to find the right boarding kennel and so you need to vet potential Dog Boarding options carefully. The first thing to do is to check whether they have a set plan throughout the day for the animals. For the kennel to be run successfully, they need to have well established routines – feeding times should be consistent and there should also be daily play and exercise sessions. You also need to visit the kennel beforehand to get a proper feel for the place – is it clean? Do the animals there look happy? Is there an exercise area?

Do not leave off the investigation there – search the company’s website – do they make unrealistic promises, such as “We guarantee that nothing will happen to your pet”? If so, be very wary – there may very well be some unforeseen circumstances and a professional kennel will understand this and have a plan that allows them to deal with this. Also check that the kennel requires an up to date vaccination certificate – if it doesn’t, steer clear. The last check you must do is to run a search on the kennel itself – if there are complaints about the kennel, they will most likely come up in the search. Proper research upfront will go a long way to reducing your pet’s stress whilst you are away.