Looking for somewhere safe and caring to board your four-legged, furry family members while you zip away for a well-deserved holiday? Your search is over now that you have found Myflair, and any guilt or stress you feel about leaving your darlings with strangers will disappear when you see the facilities and meet the staff.

Each pet has its own enclosure, so the opportunity is there for you to leave some bedding from home to reduce any apprehension or anxiety your pet may have in this new place. Being able to snuggle down at night in their own bedding is very reassuring for a nervous pet, but if yours isn’t fazed by new experiences, Myflair have a clean bed for every pet anyway. It’s your choice.

That’s one of the things about Myflair that makes it so pet-friendly – choices. While there is a regular daily routine for all pets, there is also the flexibility to have favourite toys around or for friends to visit your pet while you are away. If your pet is taking medication that can also be left with staff members who will make sure it is administered to your instructions.

Feedback for MyFlair from Pet Owners

“I don’t like leaving my dog. He’s old and has a couple of problems that need regular medication. Since I found Myflair, though, I go up north regularly to see the grandkids, because I know that Rusty is fussed over by everyone there.”

If you are imagining your best friend languishing alone in a cage the whole time you are away, dismiss those mind pictures completely. Yes, your pet will be in an enclosure for their own safety, but if you check out the picture on our website, you’ll see all the enclosures are together, with see-through wire separating each one. Being able to see each other removes any sense of isolation that the pets have, and appeals to their social nature.

“Bebe is a cheeky little foxie, but she just loves other dogs. She’s on her own at home, so she loves coming here. She makes friends at every stay.”

Breakfast is served in the individual pens and any medications required given at that time. The pens are then cleaned each day, while the pets move outdoors into the exercise yard so they can stretch their legs. Training and bathing takes place from midday through the afternoon as well as walks and playtime. Food and medication intake is recorded for each pet, as failure to eat is usually the first indication of a medical problem, or of a pet not adapting to the new surroundings.

Safety and security should be paramount for any dog kennels and Myflair takes those responsibilities very seriously. For this reason, their kennels are kept fastidiously clean, and this level of care is also extended to pet health. To protect every pet in the facility, all vaccinations must be up to date, and a current veterinarian certificate produced before any pet is granted entry. You can rest assure that no unwanted diseases will be passed on to your best friend while they are here.

You’ll return from your break refreshed and renewed, pick up your four-legged friend, and head home, secure in the knowledge that you both had a good time.