Your dog is your family member, many owners even consider them their children, so it is important to treat them as such even when you can’t be around. Leaving your dog with a neighbour or even a pet sitter at your home may not always be the most reliable means of watching your dog, as they cannot provide 24 hour supervision and accompaniment for your companion. But, with a pet boarding hotel, you can be certain that your dog is always in a safe location, provided with all the necessary amenities and that he is always in the best of care.

The Right Pet Motel

Finding the right pet motels is important for your dog, as you only want to leave him or her in the best of care, with professionals that are experienced and caring. In order to find the best place to entrust the care of your dog with you should seek out recommendations from your neighbours and friends who have boarded their dog before. If you don’t know of anyone who has, then you can always call the pet hotel near you and ask for information on their establishment and the amenities that they have to offer. Many pet hotels will even welcome you in for a tour of their facilities before you even make your decision.

When previewing a boarding facility you want to take note of a few specific locations that your dog will frequent. First, you want to be sure that their kennel space is sufficient for your particular dog, and that your dog is provided with plenty of room.  You also want to pay attention to the feeding areas to which your dog will have access; they should be clean and have plenty of fresh water and food. Finally, an important area that you always want to inspect is the outdoor area where your dog will be taken to play and run. This area should be securely fenced in, and dogs should be monitored at all times in this area.

Finding pet hotels is simple, as there are several locations throughout the area that can provide reliable dog sitting services, however before you board your dog you want to be sure that the staff is willing to understand the specific needs of your dog. Whether he is elderly, overly active or has a medical condition that requires prescriptions, they should take heed of all your recommendations and implement them as necessary.

You wouldn’t entrust your family members to just anyone, right? So, it is important to board your pet at only the best and most reliable pet hotel in town.