With family pets now holding almost equal status to the human members of the family, we spend millions of dollars annually on everything from pet kennels to special foods and treats to pet toys, leashes, collars, bedding, blankets, clothing, and for “bling” lovers, even jewellery. Dogs, especially, have proven their worth to those who care for them by protecting lives and property, staying by their side in emergencies, offering silent empathy during illness and lifting the spirits of the aged and infirm. They also love to have fun, and many people owe their health to their pooch who begs to be taken for walks, forcing the human to exercise.

It is no wonder then, with so much emotional investment held in the family dog, that it is not just handed over to anyone to be cared for during times when the family is absent for extended periods of time. Pet owners usually take great care in choosing accommodation for their best friends when they are away, and this demand has seen an increase in the number of places available in dog kennels.

Temporary Accommodation

Of course, it is not just the annual holiday that fuels the demand for places in pet kennels. There are other occasions when temporary accommodation may be needed. For example the pet owner may be hospitalised with no-one to care for the pet. As we have seen recently, natural disasters may render the home uninhabitable and the owners need to find emergency accommodation. Generally, these arrangements are not set up for pets, and so places may need to be found in pet kennels for short periods of time.

Boarding kennels are specifically designed to accommodate pets, typically dogs, in an environment where their needs can be met. A well-designed facility will have separate cages so the dog feels secure in its own personal space, but will also have the flexibility to allow it to exercise, either by walking with a handler, or if it is socially acceptant of other dogs, in an exercise area where they can all run and play together.

Feeding Time

Feeding times are supervised to ensure that the dog is eating, the pens are cleaned daily, and any medications needed by the dog are given and the details recorded for the owner to review on return. The health of the pet in care and indeed all the other pets in the facility is of primary concern, so vaccinations must be up to date and reputable dog kennels in Brisbane require the actual vaccination certificate for confirmation.

For the nervous owner placing their pet in accommodation for the first time, there are professional associations that will provide contact details of their members. As part of a governing body, these facilities generally are well managed, as it is part of their membership charter. Word-of-mouth recommendation is also another way to find the best pet kennels in your area.