Your dog is not just another pet, but a member of your family. So when you can’t take your dog with you on your next vacation it is important to find a quality and attentive boarding kennel to help take care of your dog while you are gone.

Location And Facility

When seeking the right dog kennels to board your pet at it is important to consider the location and the cleanliness of the facility. You should never feel bad about asking to see their facilities or learning about the amenities that they have to offer your dog. You want to be certain that animals that are already in their care have constant access to water and food, and are also able to have time outside where they can run and play in an enclosed area.

It is important that you ask the kennel operators where you are considering boarding your dog whether your dog’s personal items can be brought along for the stay. Your dog may have a favourite toy, food or even sleeping pillow, most kennels will accommodate and allow your dog’s preferences, however there are some that have strict limitations on outside items. This is definitely a subject that you want to address with any kennel company or boarding house you choose.

It never hurts to ask friends, family and neighbours for their recommendations for local dog boarding kennels near you. Be sure that you do your homework and ensure their staff are trained and can provide your dog with a safe and hospitable stay for any length of time. There are plenty of online sites and information on local boarding websites which can offer you an idea of how happy consumers are with the services of a particular boarding house. The staff should be regarded as attentive, caring and always have a love of animals.

Whether you are leaving your dog in a kennel for a few days or a few weeks it is important to keep in mind that boarding your dog should be done at a location that wants to take care of your dog just as good as you do. The staff should be friendly and ready to answer your questions and take your calls frequently. Think of the kennel you choose as a home away from home for your dog. You want to be certain that your dog is treated well and like a member of the family while he is boarded and away from your care.