Cats do get ill the same way as dogs and humans. Because of their rather lazy nature, it is not always easy to see if a cat is ill or suffering from a certain disease. It is important for cat owners to get the cat regularly checked by a veterinarian. It will also be good for cat owners to be familiar with different subtle signs that could indicate that the feline is suffering from some sort of illness.

Mood Change

Cat owners know how their cat typically behaves. Those who do not cuddle their cat as much should strive to get to know their cat some more. Changes in the cat’s mood could indicate that it is not feeling well. The cat may all of a sudden turn aloof when it normally loves cuddling. Also look for changes in the cat’s activities. If there is a sudden increase or decrease, it may be a sign of an illness.

Changing Appetite

The cat may lose appetite or it may gain its appetite. Such a sudden change should be investigated as it may be a sign of an illness. The cat may be suffering from hyperthyroidism or diabetes. If the cat is losing its appetite, it should be a cause for alarm. Lack of food intake can negatively impact the cat’s health, so it is important to have the cat checked by a vet.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain

It is important to check if the cat is abnormally gaining or losing weight. The cat may be suffering from diabetes, causing it to lose weight even with increased food intake.

Grooming Habit Changes

Cats are famous for their grooming habits. Observe any changes in the way the cat is grooming itself. If there is sudden increase in grooming, it may be that the cat is feeling stressed. If the cat is neglecting itself, it could be because it is suffering from an illness.

If the cat is showing signs of illness, it is always best to have a doctor check the feline. If the cat has been confirmed to be sick with a contagious disease, make sure to take precautions to keep it away from other cats at home. It will also not be responsible to take the cat to a boarding facility as this could endanger other animals.

Myflair maintains clean cat kennels for the comfortable boarding of cats. It is also the business of Myflair to take care of cats that get sick while staying in the kennel. But it is the responsibility of the owner to seek medication for the cat if it has been exhibiting signs of illness.