The relationship that humans in our society now have with their pets is a very close and loving one. Once, they were kept outside the home and while interacting with the family in outdoors play, it was rare that they would be allowed inside. For most pet owners this has changed and pets are now allowed to live inside homes. They are also now boarded at places like Myflair during family holidays so they are safe and well cared for.

Some Pet Worms can be Dangerous to Human Health

Humans need to be aware of the dangers to human health of living at close quarters with a pet that carries intestinal worms. This can be prevented by regular worming, but unfortunately, many pet owners become complacent about maintaining a strict regime. Here is some information on three of the most common parasitic worms carried by both dogs and cats.

Hookworms – look like long strings of spaghetti. The eggs are passed in faeces and transmitted by eating the eggs or larvae. The larvae can penetrate the foot pads or skin and are a health risk to humans. Symptoms of infection in animals are anaemia, a dull coat and stunted growth in puppies or kittens.

Roundworms – live in the small intestine. Eggs are passed in faeces and cause vomiting and diarrhoea. In puppies, infection can lead to lung damage, stunted growth and death. Cats can ingest the eggs from eating infected rodents. Roundworms are a health risk to humans.

Heartworm – contracted through a mosquito bite and can cause severe heart and lung problems if not detected. It can cause death in an infected dog in as little as a few months. Symptoms include coughing, which brings up blood, difficulty breathing and intolerance to exercise, weight loss and abdominal fluid.

Regular Worming Protects the Pet and the Family

Pet owners must ensure that their pets are wormed regularly to prevent any of these terrible symptoms causing pain, discomfort and in the worse cases, death to their best friends. It is also vital to protect the health of the human occupants of the household, especially young children.

Thankfully, all pest free boarding kennels have very strict conditions regarding worming, and reputable ones refuse to board pets whose vaccinations and worming records are not up to date. These types of worms spread rapidly in an environment where animals are kept in numbers so it is essential that every pet that enters is verified as worm free.

This policy is strictly enforced at Myflair so you can be assured that when you leave your beloved pet in our care, it is safe.