Those who have furry family pets often view them as simply another member of the family and always strive to give them the best care possible. Pet owners who have cats enjoy cuddles in the lounge and hours of company from their furry felines. In the event that they can’t be there for their cats, then it’s common and normal to want someone else to look after them.

Pet hotels are not just for humans who are off on holidays. There is a number of reasons why you could find that you are due to stay away from home for a few days, or longer, and need to put your cat into cat boarding.

You could have a work conference to attend, a wedding interstate, a hospital stay for illness, a death in the family or even a new arrival. There are no rules about why you are putting your cat into accommodation, just requirements for puss to be able to stay there.

What to Expect and Consider in Cat Boarding

When you send your cat to a pet hotel, you want to be sure it is hygienic, safe, that all pets, especially your own, are well looked after and the food is of a high quality. It is fair then that if you have these expectations of the boarding motel that there are also expectations which you also need to fulfill.

All pets that are to stay in pet motels are required to have their vaccinations up to date. If you are unsure of what these are, you can check with your vet or the boarding hotel where you wish your cat to stay. Ensure that these vaccinations are carried out in the time frame required before your cat leaves your home and always have your vaccination certificate ready to present at the cattery.

Think about the type of personality your cat has and if you think it will handle an extended stay if this is the case. If not, you can always book your kitty in for a couple of short stays to let him or her familiarise with the area so that the longer stay should hopefully not be so stressful.

Consider if your cat already follows a special diet or is sensitive to some foods. If this applies to your cat then you can talk to the pet hotel about special diet requirements. Rest assured that if anything seems to go wrong with your cats’ health then they will be monitored closely and appropriate action will be taken if required.