Many of us view our pets as family members and worry about them a lot while we are away on holiday. There is no need to worry though – you can book your pets into pet resorts that will look after them properly so you can relax whilst away.

Pet Resorts are Fun

Our biggest concern is usually that our pets are going to miss us. They will, of course, miss you but if you take them to a proper boarding kennel, they will be entertained and will be allowed to play with other pets and generally have fun. The time will pass a lot faster for them in this way and they won’t have as much time to feel sorry for themselves.

Scheduled Feeding and Care

Having someone come by your home to feed your pets is an option when you are on holiday but you can never be sure that the person you choose will do the job properly. What if they are delayed or just forget?

At a pet resort, a routine is set that allows pets to settle down. They get their food on time every day and get plenty of water and care.

Proper Grooming

This is especially important for the more high maintenance pets – some pets require daily brushing in order to look and feel good. You simply can’t just leave them for weeks on end. Even your everyday mutt needs some occasional grooming – a pet resort will bath and brush your pets so that they come home looking and smelling great.

Safe Housing

Whenever you leave your pets at home by themselves, there is always a chance that they will be able to get out of the yard or that they will hurt themselves trying to get out. At a boarding kennel, pets sleep in specially built structures that allow them to move around freely but offer no chance of escape.

The staff are also used to and trained to deal with all manner of escape attempts – even the most persistent Houdini would not be able to get out.

Pets are also made to feel comfortable – most kennels will allow you to bring their favourite toys or blankets so that the pets feel more at home. Kennels are often more comfortable for animals than their own homes.

In fact, people are sometimes a little put out because pets seem not to have missed them much at all. A number of animals begin to look at boarding as their own personal holiday and they have as much fun as you do.