For most of us we have heard the term separation anxiety when it comes to taking little ones to their first few years of school.

The same is true of our pets. Not that we take them to school as such but we leave them home alone often which can give rise to your animals’ anxiety. Either cat or dog.

Cases can range from driving your neighbours crazy with incessant barking, all the way through to uncontrollable shaking, pacing, salivating, hyperventilating, as well as destructing door frames and garden. In extreme cases your pet can experience depression or even self-mutilation. In some instances medication may be employed to help calm your pet.

There are many reasons why your pets will experience this phenomenon. Today we offer some insight into why it occurs and some tips on how to manage it.


Your pets will become very attached to you. It’s only natural when you think about it. You are the top dog in their life, offering them food, protection and shelter.

Whilst all these things are good, it is important to get your pet to be comfortable with their own company and be completely independent of you.

You can do this by not always acknowledging them. Don’t make eye contact and don’t do the gushy goodbyes.

Learning by Association

Obviously you will go through a similar routine every time you leave your pet alone.

You will pick up your car keys, close and lock windows or doors, and lift up the roller door. All these sounds will alert your pet to your imminent departure.

If you do this on occasion through the day without actually leaving, these signal noises will eventually blend into the daily routine for your pet.

We Are Here to Help

When you engage a service such as that offered by Myflair to look after your four legged family member whilst you are away, it is really important to make us aware that your pet does suffer from separation anxiety.

To be fully informed is to be fully armed.

Our gentle and caring staff members are able to offer up the right form of friendship to your animal. Not only that, but we are able to design and provide the right form of care package to ensure your pet receives exactly what it needs whilst it is in our care.