Part of the fun of going away on holiday is getting away from all your worries. It is quite natural to worry about your home and pets whilst away. The house is an easy fix – lock it up properly and you have little to worry about. Pets are a different story.

Minimise Stress for Pets

Pets are very stressed when we go away. They have no concept of time and so do not understand that you will be coming back after a week. It is quite common for them to feel abandoned when you go away on holiday.

Minimising this stress means making sure that they have company and good care. Asking your brother/sister to come in daily to feed them is not going to be enough.

A good idea is to get them settled into a pet boarding facility. A reliable pet hotel is the best way to minimise your pet’s stress while you are away.

A Routine is Maintained

Pet resorts and boarding kennels follow a set daily routine. Pets tend to be creatures of habit – they are more settled when their day follows a set routine because they start to get to know what to expect.

Proper Care is Given

Pets are often like family to us so if we are going to leave them in someone’s care while we are away, we want to make sure that they are well looked after. If you choose a reliable pet resort, you can rest assured that your pets will get the best possible care.

A reputable kennel will have pet carers who are well trained in animal care and who will have vets on call. Should something go wrong, you can be assured that the staff will be able to handle it.

The carers will make sure that your pets get the right amount of food and the proper exercise daily. If your pets have special needs, you only need to tell the staff about them.

A Social Outing

Should your dogs be quite social, they will get to interact with other dogs at the resort. The pet carers will also make sure that all pets get a fair share of cuddles and love. A lot of dogs love this social aspect of staying at a pet resort and they may even look forward to going back.

Overall, leaving your pets at a reputable pet resort is a lot kinder to them than leaving them at home alone – the experience may even be good for them overall.