How we humans love our pets! We raise them from little pups or kittens, get to know all their traits and characteristics and grow to love them and regard them as family members. We take care to see that they are warm and cosy in cold seasons and cool in the heat, feed and water them, and make sure they are always up to date with vaccinations. If they aren’t feeling well we take them off to the vet for a checkup as we would take our kids to the doctor. They make great playmates and love to be taken for long walks.


There are many different varieties of cats and dogs that can be purchased from dog and cat breeders, and all are well tempered and free of genetic defects. Dog breeders usually have boarding kennels available for when you cannot take your pet away with you and they get the best of care there. Trained staff are alert to when a pet is feeling poorly and know what to do in this case, so they are in good hands. They will ensure your pet is exercised, properly fed and is accommodated in comfortable conditions. There are even sessions for playtime to keep them happy while you are away.


Grooming is also another service that they offer making sure your dog is clean, flea free and his coat brushed as well. Most dogs love the extra attention they receive in these sessions, which should be an extension of the care you give them at home. They also love to be pampered as much as we do and there is plenty of opportunity available for this with numerous dog grooming salons in most areas. Hydrobaths, flea control, brushing their coats, clipping their nails, and giving them hair trims and styles for dogs like poodles are all carried out in dog salons. You can even have a little bow put in a tuft of hair on their head if you want to after it is blow dried. It does look quite cute.

Pets give us so much unconditional love, are medically proven to uplift elderly patients in aged care facilities, are so intelligent they can be trained as helpers for sight and hearing affected people, police dogs, sniffer dogs that can find drugs as well as people trapped in rubble after earthquakes, they are priceless in value. Even our loyal, lovable pet pooches at home are priceless and they all deserved the best. Show them your appreciation by giving them a pamper day at a dog grooming salon. They will love it.