If you are one of the multitudes that always take your loyal doggie pal with you when you go on your vacations, then you are extremely fortunate to be able to do so. There are many who have saved for years for that special, much longed for trip that have previously done the same, but on paying the upfront fee for it have been told, “Sorry, no pets allowed.” The question is what to do about it. It has taken a long time to save for this, you have dreamed about it and can’t wait to go, but you feel bad about not taking your furry pal with you. Well, hold up, it’s not all bad and there are options that you can take that will make both you and your pup happy. Myflair offer full pet boarding services for people in this situation and have clean, airy and comfortable kennels for his stay.

Great Staff at Myflair

The people at Myflair are all qualified to care for pets, and as the business is a family owned one, they will take the utmost care of your pet. Word of mouth is the best advertisement a business can have to ensure it is a successful venture and the happy client testimonials received give them full marks. “I was in two minds about leaving my dear old dog behind and came close to putting off my holiday,” said Gwen, “but friends of mine had boarded their little dog there and couldn’t have been happier with the care he received. He was clean and well groomed, and his tail was wagging madly before he even spotted them coming to pick him up.” Her husband Jim carried on, “Yes and so was our old fellow when we came to get him too. He looked great and didn’t look like he fretted at all.”

Cat and Dog Breeding at Myflair

Myflair also breed pure bred cats and dogs ensuring that all pets sold are of high quality, even temperament and minus the genetic defects of other animals. Perhaps you would like to get another pup to keep your present pup company while you are busy taking care of housework or yard duties. This is definitely the place to buy from, as you will also know the family history of your pet and be assured of it being free of health problems when you do buy it. “Our little Duchess is just so beautifully natured and is an absolute angel with our children. Nothing seems to ruffle her and she adores them” was the enthusiastic response from Mariel C who purchased her pet there.

When you board your loved pets with this company you are giving them the best choice of accommodation possible. Caring staff, comfortable living and sleeping quarters, play time, walks and immaculate grooming all make sure of that. Bring along their toys, and advise the staff of any phobias they may have, like fear of storms, something that is not uncommon in many dogs. People mainly enjoy their motel stays, but pets love them as when they stay at their pet motels, they get positively pampered. Therefore, if you are faced with a situation like the one outlined at the start of this page, please don’t hesitate to allow the staff at Myflair to give your pet an experience he will thoroughly enjoy.