Women all over know how good it feels to wash their hair when it really needs it. Sometimes sweat and dirt can build up and cause our scalps to feel itchy or irritated and cleansing our hair with a good shampoo and condition in clean water helps us to feel sparkling and new again. A trip to the hairdresser is even more inclined to make us feel wonderful as we sport a fresh new do and maybe even have our nails done. So it’s only natural to understand that dogs can feel this way too after a wash and a groom.

Maintaining Your Pooch’s Hair

All dogs are different and have different kinds of coats. Some dogs require more attention than others when it comes to their grooming and others have very low maintenance coats. Poodles are the kind of furry family member that requires a little more attention with their grooming than other species of dogs. While it is highly recommended you have your grooming done professionally for your poodle, there are things you can do in between to help maintain your beautiful and elegant pooch. Giving your poodle a daily brush or comb in between professional grooming will keep matted hair away for instance and feeding them a nutritionally sound diet will benefit their coat greatly.

Grooming Done by Professional

Taking your poodle to a poodle grooming specialist is really the best option when it comes to caring for your poodle. They have the experience and knowledge on how best to care for your poodle’s woolly coat and will have all the right products best suited to their hair type. A professional groomer will have the right set up to ensure your poodle is safe whilst being washed and groomed. Dogs can tend to be a bit nervous at times during a wash or the soapy water can make the surface slippery. A groomer will be able to skilfully hold your dog on a flat non slip surface and your poodle will feel and be safe. They will have all the techniques to make your poodle feel relaxed to help them enjoy the grooming. Nail clipping and hair cuts are a must for the poodle who likes to look his or her best and there are a few different style cuts you can choose from. Consult your poodle’s stylist when you visit dog grooming as to which styles they do.

Poodles prefer pampering too and a professional groomer can make your furry loved one feel very special. Talk to your local dog grooming specialist and start your poodle on a grooming regime to ensure he feels his best.