I’m sure you remember hearing your mother tell you the importance of good grooming. Having your hair and clothes neat and tidy, as well as washing regularly, is of paramount importance if you mix with the public either socially or at work.

The same is true for man’s best friend. Not necessarily because he or she is social with other dogs because we all know the way they check out the opposition! It has so much more to do with ensuring their good health and longevity of life.

For this reason Myflair offers dog grooming as part of our range of services and would like to highlight some of the benefits of getting your pet regularly washed by one of our competent staff whilst boarding with us or even booking in on a regular 6-8 week cycle.


This early cycle of summer heat may be catching some dogs unaware as they may not have completed shedding their winter coats.

An unshed coat can cause your pet to overheat. It also can become matted and start to smell as your pet perspires and rolls in any damp it can find to cool off.

Whilst clipping may not be the answer for all breeds of dogs as their fur is designed to insulate them from both heat and cold, for some it may prove essential.

Closely clipping some pets can expose their skin to the sun which in turn can create other issues leading to discomfort. Therefore, it is important to consult with professionals such as ourselves, who know and understand your dog’s requirements.

Washing and Trimming

If you start grooming your dog while it is young you will discover that they actually enjoy being pampered.

Not only are they getting some essential one on one time but they are also having all sorts of nasties removed from them, which will leave them feeling far more comfortable.

Ear Infections can be caused by a number of things. So keeping their ears clean and clear of dirt, mites and unwanted hair is very helpful.

Skin Issues such as allergies or infection can also be resolved with a wash and brush. Washing with hypoallergenic soaps will reduce any irritations and also offer relief whilst a good brush will keep your dog’s fur clean and looking shiny. Stimulated skin means better circulation as well.

Paws and Claws also require attention from time to time and they should not be neglected. Just like us humans, a dog’s claws can become long and then break, requiring a little maintenance to ensure they do not catch on anything which may tear them further, causing not only pain and discomfort for them but anguish for you should it be your favourite rug!