People with pets are highly connected to their furry loved ones. Well loved pets get just as much consideration to their comfort as the rest of the family. So when the human family members intend on holidaying at a place where their pets can’t go, it’s important to owners, and the pets, to find a reputable place where they can stay.

Vaccinations a must

Firstly, in order to choose the right place for your pet to stay you need to know what the right place does for you and your pet. First and foremost the right resort will insist on the proper vaccinations being done before your pet comes to stay.

We at Myflair fully understand the importance of this. We never allow a pet who is not vaccinated to stay on our premises as a responsibility to other pets and their owners as well as health reasons for our own facility.

More than just a place to sleep

When looking for a pet resort another key factor to look out for is what other services are provided. If you are heading away for a week or more you don’t want your pet to be left sitting in a caged area bored and lonely.

Our team at Myflair are fully experienced in caring for animals. Your furry family member will be exercised and given attention. We will keep an eye on their mood and ensure that they are comfortable and happy.

Nothing to hide

Information should be another deciding factor. A reputable and caring resort will ask questions to get as much information as possible about your pet so they can care for them well. Alongside this, you should be able to ask as many questions as you wish, and be provided with an answer for each.

If you wish to come and view our premises before you decide, this is more than welcome and any questions you have can be answered then or by phone or email, whichever you prefer.

We want our furred guests and their families to feel totally secure with who we are and how we care for the animals at our resort. Dogs, cats and birds are all welcome and they will feel right at home with our caring staff.

Give us a call today to arrange a viewing or to discuss your pet and what dates they need to stay.