The holidays are coming up and everyone is getting excited. But alas, you have been misinformed as to your destination holiday park accepting your family pet. As you gaze at all the crestfallen faces of the children, your heart sinks and you wonder what you can do. After phoning other parks in the area and meeting with the same result you are left with two choices, cancelling the holiday, or leaving your pet behind. Sadly this happens quite a lot as more parks choose to refuse pets in their parks, but happily there is an excellent solution that will make family and pet happy.

Checking Boarding kennels

Pets are sociable creatures and really do not mind having a little holiday of their own, even though they may fret a little initially. First thing to do is to check out boarding kennels making sure you are comfortable with your choice before leaving your loved pet there, and they have grooming as one of the services they offer. Once they settle in and realize they have lots of other doggie company they soon come to feel at home, especially when they receive such excellent care. Oh! and do make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date as they should be, otherwise they will not be accepted.

The Best Care

The best resorts offer dog wash, grooming, walking and play time for their boarding canines while they are there. This keeps them clean and exercised, gives them time to socialise with other dogs, and keeps them contented while you are away. Once your pet has been in a pet resort you will find they will settle in happily if you are ever prevented from taking it away with you in the future. If your pet has a fear of storms as many dogs seem to have, please let the staff know so they will be prepared if the need arises. They are also qualified people and able to keep check on your pet’s health quickly noticing anything amiss.

Your pet will be safely housed in well aired kennels that are clean and comfortable, and if you are worried you can check this out for yourself, then go on your holiday with peace of mind knowing it will be well cared for and will most likely enjoy his holiday as much as you enjoy yours. We would all love to have our pets with us as they become part of the family very quickly, but it is good to know that when it is not possible there is a solution that offers the best of care for our beloved four legged friends.