Everybody loves a holiday, and your pets are no different. When bringing your dog or cat to stay at Myflair we do not ask too much of you in exchange for looking after your pet as if it were our own. One thing we do require you to do is to ensure that the animal has a current vaccination certificate. This is a very important part of preparing your animal for its stay, and no animal will be permitted at Myflair without a current vaccination certificate, for a number of reasons.

It’s the Law

Quite simply, the law requires that all dogs have a current C5 vaccination certificate, and all cats need a current F3 vaccination certificate to be admitted to stay at any pet motel/hotel. This is a requirement of licencing for the premises, and it is up to the owner to adhere to these guidelines, to ensure that the transition to enjoying the pet holiday goes as smoothly as possible. If you arrive at Myflair without an up-to-date vaccination certificate we will have no other choice, unfortunately, but to refuse your pet until it has had the required vaccinations.

Annual Boosters

All vaccinations need to be done annually to ensure that the dog/cat has continued protection from transmittable diseases. If your dog or cat has received its vaccinations but has not had a booster, this will need to be done at least a week prior to coming into Myflair, in case they have a reaction to the vaccination.

Transmittable Diseases

We are unable to take in any animal that has obvious signs of a transmittable disease. Having a vaccination does not ensure that the animal will not contract any diseases, it just means that the symptoms will be milder than if they had not been vaccinated. Viruses such as the canine influenza are airborne, like the regular human flu, with over 95 different strains, so we aim to minimise the opportunities for diseases like this to be spread to other dogs by ensuring vaccinations are current.

Respect for Other Animals

In the same way that you would not allow your child to play with other children if there is illness or the risk of illness present, we feel the same way about dogs and cats. Having respect for other dogs/cats and their owners is paramount to being a good animal owner, and is basic common courtesy when it comes to being a part of society, so do the right thing for yourself and your pet.