If you own a pet, or two or three, then you understand how much care and attention your animals need. They’re not just some four-legged creatures that inhabit the same space you do; they’re beloved family friends that need just as much love and consideration as you can provide them. But sometimes, you can’t just pack them up along with your suitcases when it’s time to go on a work-trip, an extended vacation, or even to get out of town on a weekend holiday.

While you may have friends or family members who’d be willing to drop by your home to feed and water your pets, nothing really compares to dropping off your doggy pal at a pet hotel. There, you know that there will be someone around to love and play with your pet, to make sure they eat plenty of good food in your absence and generally give them the attention you yourself would.

Whether it’s a good rub-down or a brisk jog around the dog walk, pet boarding provides your animals with the constant companionship they’ll need more than ever while you’re away. You’ll know that your pet is safe, secure and most importantly, consistently monitored by people trained to detect any physical or emotional problems your absence may cause your furry friend. Dogs also react more strongly than other pets to their owners absences; while for some this may result in a very slight weight loss, usually not more than 2kg, most dogs will actually gain weight while their people are gone.

Cats and Birds also welcome

Cats are also beloved guests at a pet hotel. Solitary creatures by nature, they may not be totally thrilled when they arrive at the pet boarding facility, but they will certainly appreciate their freedom to stretch, sleep and play at their own leisure, just as at home. Cats generally acclimate very quickly to their new, temporary surroundings, and by the time you return they may merely look at you and yawn their welcome.

Boarding benefits for your furry friends

In addition to your furry companions, those of feathers and flight are quite welcome. Birds will find the cages, shiny toys, stoops, roosts and climbing trees at their disposal to be more than satisfactory. The pet boarding staff will ensure your avian is happy and healthy upon your return. Pets are safer, happier and overall healthier with a short stay in pet boarding than they are cooped up alone in your home while you’re gone. It’s like a vacation for them, too.